By using elements such as chairs, ladders, beds, monocycles, trapeze artists, swings,machines… it is a way of telling stories about life. The chairs signify,according to the context, opportunities and the patience required for them to step into our lives. The ladders represent our desire to climb, to continue our personal growth. Beds represent periods when we sleep and dream, things we cannot share with anyone else. Playful characters are representative of  the uniqueness and singularity of each of the moments that we experience throughout our lifetimes, and the game that life is. Painting is my life.

Objetos cotidianos que cuentan historias
The extradimensional world of dreams
Valenz’s instrument is a graphite pencil that reiterates messages across his works. Proposals surge from previous ideas and views, and are redrawn over and over on translucent papers, which offer us the opportunity to construct in our minds the storyline of his works and interpret what their meaning is. These hand-drawn figures, by the nature of his art, take on a life of their own. When combined, they create systems where they interact in an all-encompassing environment. These events occur within the walls of certain living spaces, which nevertheless are part of a greater interconnected system.
Porfirio García Romano